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:iconwisteriaandroses: <- Photography account
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Ko-chan's Profile Picture
Ko Sakka
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"All I touch turns to stardust;
Displaying an intrinsic beauty that is both inspiring and yet,
Is dubbed the work of dreamer's fancy.

Society forgets itself,
For what is the world around us composed of, but stardust?"

~ A child of endless dreams

Yo! I'm Ko, a cosplay fanatic who occasionally dabbles in a variety of other art forms, including drawing, painting, writing, and photography. A majority of my work is available here, but if you're interested in my photography or cosplay group, please visit:
:iconwisteriaandroses: (Photography) and :iconlastminproductionz: :iconlastminpro: (Cosplay Group). For my personal cosplay account, please visit Ko-chan's Cosplay on FB.

I've been cosplaying since I was 7 years old (even earlier, if you count Disney characters), and have been obsessed with it ever since. My first anime cosplay was Sailor Moon, and I've done way too many characters to count since then. My best guesstimate of how many I've done can be found on my "Cosplay I've Done I+ II" journals, but there are always ones I forget to list, so who knows how many I've actually completed? ^^;

I also do commissions (see my Cosplay + Art/Jewelry commissions journals for details), and base my rates on how much time/effort I will have to devote to the project and how intricate the drawing/costume/etc. is.
For cosplay commissions, I have a separate fee for labor and another for materials (if the client is unable to purchase materials on their own/supply them for the project). There is also a separate shipping fee (if required), and an additional expedited/rush fee for projects requested less than a month in advance of the due date (20% of labor fee cost). Please note me if you are interested in commissioning me for anything. :)

If you're new to cosplay or are just looking for someone to explain something specific that you're having trouble with, feel free to note me with your question, and I'll do my best to help. :)

What's up with Ko? : Sac Anime Summer 2013

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 1:47 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: &quot;Poker Face&quot; - GUMI
  • Watching: YGO MMD &quot;Poker Face&quot; - GUMI
  • Drinking: Green tea latte

:star: NEW :star: ANNOUNCEMENTS :star: NEW :star:


Tentative Sac Anime: Summer 2014 Line Up:

Friday: ???
Saturday: Halloween Town Sora (masquerade), ??? (Starlight Ball)
Sunday: ???


Len Kagamine (jRock)
Roxas (casual)
Tsuna Sawada (idek which version)
Sora (casual)

So I got a text from :iconsolesekken: this morning, telling me I've been featured in Sacramento Magazine (pages 28-29). I was like "lol wat? I never gave an interview or anything, it's probably just a small pic as part of an article on SacAnime or something..." She said she found a copy at Starbucks, so I went ahead and drove out to see what all the fuss was about.

...I was totally not expecting to BE the 2 page spread (with a little note off to the side with my name + character [Jack Frost]). When I went to the register to purchase 5 copies to distribute amongst the family, the baristas were like 'why are you buying so many?' and I flipped to the spread and said 'cause this is me, lol.' Ironically enough, one of the ones working at the time was the one who recognized me when I came in as Jack back in December, grabbing coffee before booking it to ickle Jamie's party. XD I ordered a drink, too, and settled down to wait for it. A few minutes later, I hear, "HEY, JACK!" and I'm like "lol wat are they talking to me?" Turns out they WERE, and when I got my drink a moment later, they'd written "Jack" on the cup. XD

Sooooo yeah. Apparently Sacramento believes, guys. :lmao: (Also, I was super surprised to be featured at all since I'd only been asked for fancy photos by that lone photographer the entirety of the con (barring Starlight Ball), since I was so busy running around, doing swap shop/judging/driving people everywhere)

Yo~! Just wanted to let all the believers out there know that I've started a new tumblr blog: Problems of Jack Frost

There's also a twitter, but I update tumblr more often: Jackie Boy Frost

Stay frosty, baby!

Hey, guys! Well, it's that time of year again, so why not jump on the bandwagon of holiday art trades? I'm opening 6 slots for xmas card art trades:


:bulletred: If you request a slot, you're expected to send an art card in return.
:bulletred: All art must be in xmas card form, sent through snail mail, postmarked before December 25th.
:bulletred: Because these are physical cards, we'll have to swap addresses via note.

:bulletblack: If you don't receive a slot, but would still like to draw something, feel free! Just message me a link/etc. when it's done. :)


:bulletred: I'd like to see your guys' renditions of me in my cosplay, or as your favorite characters. :)
:bulletred: If you don't want to draw me, please draw my characters, Dai, or Ashe Winters. :heart:

:bulletred: Please don't request furry or anthro characters (beyond ears + tail). I have nothing against them, I just can't draw animals. X__x;

Card Slots:

:icondarqx: (Her OCs) :star: [Sent!]
:icontorikuro: (one of his OCs) [Sent!] + art trade (one of his OCs)
:iconobinaka: (His most striking cosplay)
:icontite-soul: (Her + Inuyasha49 )
:iconxpuddi: (Yuugi) :star: [Sent!]

Other trades/gifts:

:icont3h-b4n3: (I have something evil in mind lololol... Still need to actually find time to do it. X__x)
Annika/Moyashi: :star: [Sent!]

Now selling select prints!

Asking price is $3 (5x7) and $6 (8.5x11)

List of prints:


The Millennium Wizard
Undisclosed Desires
Whispering Touch
He's Doin' This Just to Duel Me

Kingdom Hearts:

School Daze
Lol Ur Face
I'll Always Be Here


Sunset Kiss
I'm Sorry For the Way I Am

Original Art:

Moves Like Jagger
Burn it All Away

:bulletblack: Congratulations to :iconthunderemperorraite: for catching the kiriban again! I'll try to complete your prize as soon as I can. :)

Announcing a promotional Charity Event!

Starting December 20, 2011, $1 for every $5 in ordered commissions will be donated to the Red Cross or Save The Children foundation (the commissioner gets to choose). This includes commissions of all mediums (drawing/painting/stock photography/charms/jewelry/cosplay).

A list of applicable commissions will be posted, along with dates of donations, in order to keep track of/verify how much is donated.

This event will end May 1, 2012, so if you'd like to take part, please finalize your orders before then.


Donation processed 5/29/2012 :
Organization: Save the Children Foundation
Amount: $50

I'd like to remind all of you that :heart: I TAKE COMMISSIONS! :heart: (be they art, poetry, prose, jewelry, props, accessories, wig styling, costumes, or general sewing) However, my day job takes priority, so the speed at which your orders are finished depends on my work schedule. (this means rush fees are now priced at 20% overall, not just 20% labor)

For prices/details, please read my Cosplay Commissions and Art/Jewelry Commissions journals. I also do stock pose commissions.

Open Slots:

Drawings/paintings ($3-7 drawings, $3-15 paintings)

:bulletblue: kiriban pic for :iconthunderemperorraite:
:bulletblue: Holiday art cards for :iconobinaka: :iconvawliet: :icontite-soul:
:bulletblue: Art trade for :icontorikuro:

Stock Poses (10 photos/poses for $5) [no nudes/hentai]

:bulletpink: 10 poses for :iconzioc: [2/10 complete]

Sculpy Charms ($3-7)


Jewelry ($5-20)


Props/Accessories (Priced by difficulty/materials)


Wig Styling (Priced by difficulty/materials)

:bulletred: Vegeta wig for obinaka [ON HOLD UNTIL PAYMENT RECEIVED]
:bulletred: Tsuna wig for Bree H.
:bulletred: Natsu (Fairy Tail) wig for David P.

Costuming (Priced by difficulty/materials)

:bulletblack: IAP Pride!Ed raver pants for Sikobi-Oturo (due by ???) [ON HOLD UNTIL PAYMENT RECEIVED]

General Sewing (Priced by difficulty/materials)

:bulletwhite: Formal concert skirt for Marie [on hold, reworking commission]

Please commission me, guys!

Cosplay updates:

Older News

So I've had a few people ask me where I buy my wonderflex, since they're interested in using it themselves. Since I don't remember exactly who they were (lol bad short term memory...), and a lot of other people probably want to know, too, I figured I'd just post it in a journal instead of trying to remember who asked and telling them individually. ^^;

SO here's the site I had my dad get it from (my current supply was my joint xmas + bday present from a few years back) :


Currently Working On...

For me:

- Halloween Town Sora 
(need to make keyblade, undershirt, and finish mask and jacket)

Journal History


Ah! I see that my kouhai has found you. :XD: Anyway, hi senpaaai~ :glomp:
Wed Feb 5, 2014, 3:56 PM
you are my senpai (handstobraces)'s senpai~! hiiii lol.
Mon Jun 3, 2013, 11:46 PM
Sun May 5, 2013, 11:08 AM
happy birthday!!
Thu Feb 21, 2013, 6:03 AM
Happy Birthday~!! :party:
Tue Feb 19, 2013, 11:55 PM
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 9:41 AM
Dressing up as a vampire for the Halloween bash at work tomorrow. I can't wear a wig or contacts, so I'mma wear black slacks, a red dress shirt, black ribbon tie, and my sora fangs. Sad part is, I'm sure I'll be covered in glitter 15 minutes in.
Fri Oct 12, 2012, 11:30 PM
Back from fanime! Lots of awesome memories, met some people I'd wanted to meet in person for AGES, and created something AMAZING with fantastic friends. :) Will post a more detailed journal soon, but for now, I'm gonna crash. XD
Tue May 29, 2012, 12:00 AM
Went to DAiCon today! Ugh, so tired now, though... X___x Was a nice break from commissions, at least.
Sat Apr 28, 2012, 9:40 PM
Heading out to SF Cherry Blossom Fest! Look for 3DS Sora! :)
Sun Apr 22, 2012, 7:44 AM


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*pokes* I hope your doing alright seems like forever since you have posted or been on da.
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I'm doing alright, just busy with work. ^^;
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Have you seen the tumblr blogs yet? We try to update fairly often, so you should check them out!
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